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Elliptic Anemometer 2 above Mountains

A view of the Elliptic Anemometer from the 3rd highest peak in Central and Eastern Europe.

Anemometer Icing in Supercooled Fog

As fog rises rapidly over 2632m (8635ft) mountain tops it cools faster than it is able to crystalize. At subfreezing temperatures, anything it touches turns to ice.

Heated Ultrasonic Anemometer Icing

Even heated ultrasonic anemometers have a hard time resisting supercooled fog at 2632m at the Lomnicky Stit Observatory in Slovakia.

Elliptic Anemometer in a winter sunset

A view of a sunset from the 3rd highest peak in the Carpathian Mountains of Europe.

Meteorological Weather Station on a Mountain

A space particle sensor acompanied by a meteorological weather station and an Elliptic Anemometer.

Anemometer above Clouds in Winter

Anemometer icing test at the Lomnicky Stit Observatory in Slovakia in extreme winter conditions at 2632m (8635ft) in winter 2012/13. Wind speeds 35m/s in -22C temperatures.

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Atmos 4 weather display software (Windows, Apple/Mac, Linux)

RS485 Anemometer with Wind Vane

Hand Held Anemometer w/ Vane, Wind Gauge

what is wind energy?

– and why should i use it?

Wind energy is a form of indirect solar energy.  It is very abundant on our planet, can be captured more efficiently than solar energy from light.  It governs the distribution of moisture in the atmosphere and thereby governs our weather.

Wind maps are a tool for finding large areas of wind. However, since wind is highly effected by local terrain, the only accurate assessment can be made by placing anemometers or LIDAR exactly at the location of a perspective wind turbine.


The software worked perfectly. Everything loaded great, very plug and play. The software
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Learn more about wind energy

Weather Stations & Anemometers

– sensors you can trust to be accurate

easy and

User friendly interface and ease of plug and play make wind logging with Atmo II™ a breeze.   Visualize wind conditions in real time in crisp clear plots on your computer screen. Our high response anemometers and Atmo II software follow every gust and clearly present a detailed second by second picture of your atmospheric conditions.


Measure and analyze your seasonal, monthly, weekly, daily and second by second atmospheric conditions as recorded by our second generation anemometers and wind data logger.   Highly responsive and accurate Elliptic Anemometer 2 provides a strong, robust and reliable platform for your wind energy and weather station data needs.

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